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This post is so important because I think as journalists we often focus on our words and forget about how important pictures can be. Initially this post caught my eye because it’s called Advancing the Story, this is something we all want to do as journalists.

This piece really puts into perspective what it takes to create a small slideshow. Photojournalist Joe Mahoney said that he often takes 200-300 pictures during an event to end up with a 15-20 picture slideshow. I also thought this was interesting because he focused on recording sound as well. He definitely had a few good tips on when to get “ambient noise” audio and how to use it. He puts audio from the event and put it behind the slide show. I’ve never really seen this done anywhere before but it’s really interesting.

Journalism students should be really in tune to articles like this that give advice on how to advance your story. Not only can you add pictures to your story but you can be a content creator with a slideshow. Once you do a slideshow with noise in the background people will almost feel like they’re there.

I think students often want to take a couple pictures at an event and be done. To be a truly awesome “content creator” you need to do a whole lot more than point and shoot twice.  A slideshow turns into something completely different when you add other sensory elements.


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